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The entire surface area of the smartwatch will be able to function as a display

Sony to launch ‘e-paper smartwatch’ in 2015

Sony is developing a wearable device with a watch face and strap made out of e-paper.

Bloomberg reports that people familiar with the matter said the watch will be released as soon as next year in a trial of Sony’s new ‘venture-style’ approach to creating products.

The watch face and wristband will be made from e-paper, allowing the entire surface area to function as a display.

The patented material will be able to offer different displays and designs.

The sources said the device will emphasize style, rather than trying to outdo more technological offerings.

Pebble has already released a smartwatch using e-ink, but it is restricted to the watch face only.

Besides the e-paper smartwatch, Sony is developing ‘technology building blocks’ designed to help professionals and amateurs to create prototypes of new products.

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