Stunt accuses consumers of breaking a laptop

Lenovo Yoga 3 broken laptop ad pranks shoppers – video

Lenovo has released an online ad pranking US shoppers with a stunt that accuses them of snapping a MacBook laptop in half.

The video, made in conjunction with YouTube comedy channel Above Average, promotes Lenovo’s Yoga 3 laptop highlighting the product’s ability to ‘bend’ and fold back on itself.

However, when a store assistant tries to bend back a MacBook laptop, the device snaps in half, and the assistant runs off, leaving the shopper with the broken computer.

Another assistant then approaches the stunned consumer, claiming they are the only one working at the store, and accusing them of breaking the laptop. A security guard then gets involved, causing some of the shoppers to panic.

Earlier this month Microsoft launched a similar ad comparing the MacBook Air and the Yoga 3.

You can check out the new video below: 

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