The EyeCan+ features 18 different commands that can be selected by blinking

New eye-tracking mouse unveiled by Samsung

Samsung has revealed details about its next-gen eye-tracking mouse, the EyeCan+, which is designed to help people with disabilities.

The device is positioned below a monitor, and can help people with disabilities write and edit documents and surf the internet using their eye movement.

The EyeCan+ doesn’t require users to wear any glasses or devices. It works by wirelessly calibrating with the user’s eye and can be operated while seated or lying down.

Calibration is only required the first time it is used and the EyeCan+ will remember each user’s eye characteristics.

There are two different modes available: a rectangular menu board or a floating menu wheel, both of which contain 18 different commands.

The use of all 18 commands solely requires eye movement and blinking, and each command can be selected by looking directly at the relevant icon and blinking once.

Commands include copy, paste, select all, drag and drop, scroll, and zoom in.

“EyeCan+ is the result of a voluntary project initiated by our engineers, and reflects their passion and commitment to engage more people in our community,” said SiJeong Cho, vice president of community relations at Samsung Electronics.

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