US President Barack Obama presented Harari with a medal at the White House

Obama hands SanDisk co-founder Technology and Innovation medal

Dr Eli Harari, co-founder of SanDisk, has been awarded the highest honour for advancing science and technology.

US President Barack Obama conferred the National Medal of Technology and Innovation at a ceremony held at the White House, which was attended by leading dignitaries and other medal laureates.

The medal was awarded to Harari ‘for invention and commercialization of flash storage technology to enable ubiquitous data in consumer electronics, mobile computing, and enterprise storage.’

Dr Harari co-founded SanDisk more that 25 years ago with the vision of using flash memory to store data in mobile products. Flash memory has since become ubiquitous in mobile devices, and is now found in digital cameras, smartphones, tablets, laptops and other portable products.

SanDisk is currently working with the University of Michigan and University of Victoria to accelerate high-energy physicals research at the Large Hadron Collider to help uncover the origin of the universe.

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