Greece enjoys strongest growth in Western Europe with a 59.4% increase

PC sales from top ten vendors up 30% in UK

PC shipments for the top ten vendors grew by almost a third (29.1 per cent) year-on-year during Q3 2014 in the UK.

In Western Europe as a whole, shipments grew by 27.9 per cent according to data published by IT market research company Context. 

The Q3 2014 results followed on from the strong growth in Q2 2014, which saw a 20.9 per cent rise, as vendors continued to benefit from XP migration as well as healthy sales of low priced notebooks with Bing.

“While sales were driven by both these factors, growth for four out of the top five leading vendors also came on the back of a weaker prior-year performance”, said Marie-Christine Pygott, senior analyst at Context. 

HP led the market growing by 25.7 per cent, with double digit growth in both its consumer and commercial sales.

“According to HP, this was due to its attractive new form factors and consumers moving back to traditional PC products”, added Pygott.

Lenovo grew by 62.8 per cent, again with a double-digit increase in commercial sales, however consumer sales achieved a triple digit growth which was seen in nearly all of the Western European countries. 

In third position, Acer had a strong quarter growing by 62 per cent with good sales in both desktops and notebooks. Acer benefited from an improved market environment for both consumer and SMB sales in Western Europe and saw a strong pick up in their sales to these segments.

Context said that the need for refreshes in the commercial segment also helped boost Acer’s sales. 

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