Darkhotel espionage campaign steals sensitive data from C-level executives travelling abroad

Security roundup: Travelling execs hit by Darkhotel malware

This week we take a look at Darkhotel malware, concerns over protecting critical business data, and more.

Following four years worth of research, Kaspersky Lab has unveiled report into “Darkhotel” – an espionage campaign that steals sensitive data from selected corporate executives travelling abroad.

Darkhotel comprises of both targeted attacks and botnet style operations. Focused on C-level executives, it hits its targets while they are staying in luxury hotels, by connecting to even the most private and secure networks. Once connected to a hotel’s Wi-Fi network, the attacker tricks the user into downloading a backdoor masquerading as legitimate software, infecting the device with the Darkhotel spying software.

“Attacks using Wi-Fi captive portals are certainly on the rise. The networks at hotels are particular attractive as information about the user’s name and the organisation they work for is frequently available, enabling very targeted attacks,” explained Ian Pratt, co-founder at Bromium, commenting on Kaspersky’s new report.

Meanwhile, NTT Com Security has highlighted concerns about protecting critical business data. The firm found that 63 per cent of global executives expect to suffer a security breach at some point, but a quarter of UK executives do not know how much of their IT budget is spent on data security.

In other news:
– KPMG has acquired German cyber security firm P3.
– Symantec and Deloitte have entered a cyber security alliance.
– Bitdefender has launched a new free tool to help rid PCs of Adware.

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