We ask members of the PCR Retail Advisory Board what they think of the upcoming OS

Will Windows 10 help drive sales of new PCs? Retailers react

We ask members of the PCR Retail Advisory Board what they think of Microsoft’s upcoming operating system Windows 10.

Microsoft launched a technical preview of its upcoming OS in October. It includes an expanded Start Menu, the ability to run apps in a window, the introduction of multiple desktops, and a new Task view button. Here’s what retailers think of the Windows 10 reveal.

Lee Weymouth,
Consumer Electronics General Manager, Ebuyer

“The announcement hasn’t really affected our buying strategy for the near future. Manufacturers will still keep progressing with Windows 8, as it will be around for a while yet.

“We know Windows 10 is on the horizon and the little glimpses we’ve had have looked good, so we’ve planned for that. However, we’ve still got at least a full year, if not more, of new Windows 8 products to come.

“None of my manufacturers are even talking about Windows 10 as a key area yet. They believe
there will still be a long development process of the new OS. This could take the development into 2016, which is quite far away in the tech world.

“Windows 8 will have a strong showing between now and Christmas. Especially with the value ‘Bing’ laptops hitting the market at the £199 range.”

Steve Ling,
Executive Director, Overclockers UK/Caseking

“In the gaming market it wouldn’t really make too much difference. If you go back historically, when Windows 98 came out, it was always hungry for more power, so that was always driving the demand for new hardware. But now Windows isn’t necessarily the part that needs the technology – it’s the games themselves and the graphics performance. 

“I think at the end of the day, people will just go with whatever version of Windows is available. The uptake on Windows versions is probably the key, so the uptake to Windows 8 was initially quite poor but over time it’s impressed, especially with 8.1. So I don’t think Windows 10 will necessarily drive people to buy a new PC, I think the driver will be that they need something more powerful to play the latest games. 

“DirectX12 arriving alongside Windows 10 could be a help.”

Iain Shaw, 
Divisional Director, Brigantia

“At Brigantia we have just kitted out both our London and Yorkshire offices with new Terra Intel NUC PCs running Windows 8.1 Pro. The feedback on the Windows 8 experience from the team has been very positive once they got their heads around the changeover. 

“The PC is certainly not dead and we see huge growth potential for devices like the Terra Intel NUC, which easily attaches to the back of a monitor and frees up valuable workspace as well as massively reducing power consumption. 

“I am sure the traditional PC will also continue to have its place for a while yet, but I believe the volume will come from smaller forms of the device. I have no doubt that Windows 10 will help drive PC sales in 2015 and beyond.”

James Gorbold,
Technical Marketing, Scan Computers

“I think a new version of Windows is always a big event in the PC industry. Windows 8 was a frustrating product for some hardcore PC users, and early indications of Windows 10 looks very good. 

“We’re expecting good things. From the videos I’ve seen, I think it will probably satisfy a lot of the Windows 7 users who were frustrated by 8’s interface.”

Tim LeRoy,
Head of Marketing Novatech

“Here at Novatech, we like the fact that the new Microsoft operating system looks like sensible evolution, which the business market prefers to radical revolution. 

“I suspect that the days of a new Windows operating system driving huge sales increases are long gone.

“But it will still help – not least because it always helps to remind the world that the vast majority of work is still done on a desktop or laptop. 

“I also suspect that Microsoft’s hope that users will choose one platform for every device they use is optimistic, but the new leadership in Redmond seems to have a clearer vision and ambition than in previous years. We are optimistic but not overexcited.”

Craig Hume,
Director, Utopia Computers

“My initial reaction to the rumours it was going to be a free upgrade for Windows 8 users or a reduced price for Windows 7 users was: “Are we going to lose a bit of revenue?” But in fact it looks like a great operating system.

“And I think Microsoft has listened to its customers and given them a system they want, with the improved command prompt for the techy guys, and a proper functional Start menu for everyday users. I think it seems to be a fantastic product.

“Also with the virtual desktops, this will mean we are going to see sales of systems, because it will take a bit more memory and power to get it running. I think if I had some spare money just now I’d probably be investing in some Microsoft shares!”


“I think it should be good because people didn’t take on Windows 8 so well. But I think Windows 10 definitely looks like Microsoft has taken some tips from what people were saying, seeing as the Start menu is back. 

"So overall it’s looking good. I think it will be a good one. It’s just a shame they’re taking their sweet time over it – they should have launched it before Christmas really.”

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