Carl West, Himanshu Pal and Sarah Shields talk about the changing IT landscape at PCR Boot Camp North

Where is the tech market heading?

Over 100 retailers, resellers and system builders gathered at PCR Boot Camp North to find out how the tech market is set to change over the next few years.

GfK’s Carl West spoke at the conference and expo about what new product categories are going to be increasingly important to PC and tech stores in the near future as well as how social media can be better utilised for businesses.

The durables market is now worth £36.7 billion up from £35.4 billion one year ago. However, over the last 13 months the IT market was down 1.2 per cent.

“Consumers are spending more money on durables in the UK,” said West. 

"Media tablets are in decline and we’re starting to see a move back to traditional computers."

West also commented that there is good growth in gaming desktops and all-in-ones.

"The resurgence of desktops is bringing about a resurgence in monitors," he added.

West added that while tabets are in decline, there is now a 45 per cent adoption of tablets in the UK, resulting in tablet keyboards selling exceptionally well. Networking, gaming and monitors are all doing well too.

Kantar Retail’s Himanshu Pal also took an in-depth look at the current state of the technology retail market and gave some insight into who retailers should be targeting.

"Retailers talk about millennials a lot, but there are lots of customers either side of this age gap that need to be targeted," said Pal.

The event’s keynote came from Dell’s Sarah Shields, who spoke about the issues surrounding the gender gap in the tech industry and the threats and opportunities facing the retail landscape.

"Diversity in today’s businesses really does futureproof organisations," said Shields.

She also added that retailers can benefit from the boom in startups in the UK: "Startups buy like consumers. They will be buying from retailers."

Over 100 dealers gathered for the first ever PCR Boot Camp North in Leeds, where attendees were treated to talks, a panel session on making money from gaming, and a break out session from Microsoft.

As well as an informative conference, today’s event will also feature an exhibition where dealers have a chance to check out the latest products, services and offerings from a host of vendors, distributors and industry bodies.

You can follow PCR’s tweets at @pcr_online and get involved via the hashtag #PCRBootCampNorth.

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