Tenkeyless keyboard features Hybrid Capacitive Switch

Cooler Master NovaTouch TKL keyboard launches in UK priced at £150

Cooler Master has announced the arrival of its NovaTouch TKL keyboard in the UK and Europe, following its global launch on September 22nd.

The vendor says the tenkeyless keyboard provides ‘the fastest typing experience for all’ – including esports gaming professionals. It has an MSRP of £149.99 including VAT in the UK.

It has exclusive switches that have a debounce time of only 3-5ms compared to the traditional cherry MX switch of 19-25ms. So the hybrid capacitive switch bounces over three times faster back to 0 and is ready for a new key press.

Combining with the fast debounce time the hybrid capacitive switch also has a sooner actuation point. The switch already registers the key press at 1mm, compared to 2-2.2mm on a Cherry MX switch or 1.9mm on the mechanical Kailh switch.

"These two facts make the NovaTouch TKL extremely suited for pro gamers where 0.1 second can be the difference when the game is on the line between winning and losing," said Cooler Master in a statement.

"The delay in Europe was due to Cooler Masters commitment to fully offer regional ANSI and ISO layouts that best suit the needs of the European market."

The Hybrid Capacitive Switch of the NovaTouch TKL has a unique slider/stem that is compatible with Cherry MX key caps, for those who are into customising the look or feel of the keyboard. 

The keyboard runs at a 1000Hz/1 ms polling rate and is supported by 128kb of onboard memory for swift response of the functional media control keys, repeat rate changes, and key rollover.

The keyboard’s smaller size keeps the mouse closer to the user’s center to reduce shoulder stress during long periods of use and makes the keyboard easier to carry between events, meetings and computer stations.

NovaTouch TKL connects with a detachable micro-USB connector with a 1.8m braided cable.

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