Firm reveals ‘mobile first, cloud first’ world view at conference

‘Our goal is to empower every individual and organisation,’ says Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke at the company’s Future Decoded conference and expo about the firm’s goal for its cloud offerings and how advanced the UK market is.

Nadella revealed that there is a saying at Microsoft that if you launch in the UK and sell there, it becomes a lot easier elsewhere. He also praised the UK for how it has embraced the cloud.

“The UK market is pretty advanced when it comes to cloud adoption,” said Nadella.

He described Microsoft’s world view as ‘mobile first, cloud first’ and explained how Future Decoded was very much about how mobile can move businesses forward and how the cloud is a big part of this. Nadella also stressed at how Microsoft wants its services, devices and platforms to help users become more empowered.

“The ultimate goal is about being able to empower every individual and every organisation to do more and achieve more. It’s not just about doing things, it’s about having the fulfilment and achievement in life.”

Talking about products like Azure and Office 365, Nadella said: “When I talk to customers, they are not just looking for new products, but products that will be transformative to their business. Products like Azure and Office 365 are platforms for their own cultural transformations, which are, more so than just technology transformations, very important."

Speaking about startups, Nadella called them the ‘lifeblood of any economy’. He also praised the work Microsoft and its partners have done in the UK which has seen more than 6,000 apprentices enter the IT marketplace.

“That is the kind of empowerment that can transform societies and economies and to me that also speaks to Microsoft’s core identity. When I look at our participation globally, it only makes sense if we can create that local opportunity.”

The expo gave attendees the chance to get hands on with some of Microsoft’s latest technology, including its Lumia smartphone range and Surface tablets. Visitors could look around the Westcoast bus, check out the live band and there was even the Back to the Future DeLorean time machine on display.

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