It features a Micro SD and has extended GPIO

New £15 Raspberry Pi Model A+ launches

Raspberry Pi has revealed its new A+ mini computer which is priced at £15.51.

Similar to the Raspberry PI Model A, the A+ uses the BCM2835 application processor and has 256MB RAM, but it is significantly smaller with a length of 65mm, compared to the 86mm length of the A model.

It also consumes less power and features many improvements similar to the B+.

For example, is features a Micro SD, better audio and has more GPIO, with the GPIO header having 40 pins, making it compatible with the HAT expansion standard.

It also comes with a full size HDMI port, a CSI camera port and a DSI display port, as well as a Micro USB power source.

In a blog post the company said: “It’s pretty mind-bending to be able to knock another $5 off the cost while continuing to build it here in the UK.”

Raspberry Pi revealed the Model B+ earlier this year, which is based on the same Broadcom chip as earlier versions and has 512MB of memory.

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