The 3D car will take 44 hours to complete

First 3D printed car available in 2015 for $30,000

A US company has announced plans to unveil a 3D printed electric car by 2015, using direct digital manufacturing.

The 3D printed car by Local Motors will allegedly be priced between $18,000 (£11,300) to $30,000 (£18,900), according to reports. It’s been named the Strati.

By using a computer, buyers will be able to select their ideal car on the screen.

Once the image has been printed a machine will begin to create the car out of carbon fibre reinforced plastic.

Tech 2 reports that the plastic is weaved in and out of thin lines of paste, which harden to form the chassis, body and dashboard.

The process takes about 44 hours to complete, plus the 3D car will be recyclable as long as it has not been painted on.

It can reach speeds of up to 50mph and comes with a 6.1 kwh battery and a charge time of three and a half hours.

The prototype of the car was first on display at the 2014 IMTS show in Chicago.

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