VIP reassures customers as vendor denies bankruptcy claims

Cooling specialist Zalman ‘expects to exit receivership in months’

Cooling and PSU vendor Zalman will exit receivership in the next few months, despite reports suggesting it will permanently cease trading.

Reports circulated late last week saying Zalman’s parent company Moneual had committed fraud and filed for receivership, but regardless of this, Zalman has denied its own business has gone bankrupt.

Distributor VIP Computers is also reassuring its reseller customers that it’s business as usual.

VIP director Duncan McAuley said: "We have been in contact with Zalman regarding the news and they have confirmed that they have gone into receivership due to irregularities and investigations into their parent company, Moneaul. It is important to clarify however that this is receivership and not liquidation.

"Zalman is still operating and honouring warranties whilst it restructures its business, and it expects to be out of receivership in the next couple of months.

"VIP will honour all warranties so customers can buy with confidence knowing that any warranty issues will be dealt with as per normal terms, regardless of the situation with Zalman."

Zalman sent the following statement to "I know that recently various media and other vendors are spreading rumors regarding Zalman going bankrupt over the recent scandals in Korea by our parent company Moneual.

"I wanted to assure you that these rumors of Zalman HQ going bankrupt are completely false. While our HQ is having some financial difficulties due to the recent troubles experienced by Moneual, Zalman is not going bankrupt. My HQ will provide an official statement towards the end of November explaining the current situation and direction of Zalman Tech.

"Nothing will change for owners of existing products as they are still covered by warranty if applicable and we will always provide post-purchase support to our customers.

"Meanwhile Zalman will continue to bring innovative performance oriented products to the PC component industry, we will be launching the new Z11 Neo PC Case to the North American market soon so be sure to keep an eye out for that."

McAuley added: "If UK customers have any questions regarding Zalman, please contact your VIP account manager who will be pleased to help."

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