Gameboy-eqsue device brings online multiplayer support to retro games

3D-printed Raspberry Pi-powered eNcade retro game console launches

A Raspberry Pi ‘gaming tablet’ has launched on Kickstarter, which aims to add online multi-player to retro games.

The eNcade is a 3D-printed Gameboy-esque portable console packed with a fully assembled Pi. The creators, Nzen Mods, said they noticed a huge community for retro console gamers who they thought could benefit from something with online multiplayer support.

“Our multiplayer delivery service will allow players to find and connect with each other through unique usernames, instead of clunky friend codes,” said Nzen Mods.

“The software has support for sending and receiving game invites as well as voice chat that is currently under development.”

Running on Raspbian means that the gadget can switch to the desktop at any time and be used like any other Linux computer. The SD card can be used to change to any other OS compatible with the Raspberry Pi if desired.

“The eNcade’s software has been in the works for a while and has been tested online with NES, SNES, and Genesis emulators and we are currently working on bringing more consoles to the list. However the eNcade also has offline support for the previous list in addition to 2600, N64, GB, PS1 and much, much more,” reads the developer’s Kickstarter page.

The eNcade comes with a USB Wi-Fi adapter, USB charging cable, HDMI out port, USB port, TFT touchscreen, and is hoping to receive $6,500 in backing on its Kickstarter page.

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