Ban will also apply to other cloud services

Russia to ban iPad and iPhone over concerns of iCloud

Russia is set to ban Apple’s iPhone and iPad from January 1st 2015, according to reports.

The reason behind this is not related to the recent dismantle of Steve Jobs’ statue, but apparently iCloud.

A report says that Russian authorities are concerned about the iCloud due to a law that Russia passed, which dictates that online services operating within the country keep their data inside Russia.

Apple iCloud servers are currently located in the US, therefore any iOS devices equipped with iCloud will also be banned when the law goes into effect in January.

However, the ban is not specific to Apple, but applies to any online services that operate inside the country.

This news comes after a Russian group of companies called ZEFS removed a memorial to Steve Jobs, Apple’s previous CEO and founder.

After Tim Cook revealed his sexuality, the company dismantled the statue ‘to abide to the Russian federal law protecting children from information promoting denial of traditional family values’.

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