The ad uses Lenovo’s Yoga 3 Pro to target Apple's MacBook Air

VIDEO: Microsoft launches new Mac vs PC advert

Microsoft has released another Mac vs PC advert, targeting Apple’s MacBook Air with the help of Lenovo’s Yoga 3 Pro.

The advert compares the two devices in a dance-off scenario, by opening the Yoga into a tent-like position while the MacBook seemingly fails to do so as the screen cannot bend backwards.

The ad also highlights the 13mm thickness of the Yoga Pro 3 versus the MacBook’s 17mm thickness.

The remainder of the advert then focuses on the flexibility and touchscreen modes of the tablet-hybrid.

The dance-off ends with the MacBook Air admitting ‘game over’ and closing its lid.

Microsoft also poked fun at Apple earlier this year, after launching three adverts mocking the MacBook Air with the Surface Pro 3.

Check out the ad below:

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