AlienFX lightning system will be paired with Roccat peripherals

Roccat and Alienware enter exclusive partnership

Roccat and Alienware have announced they will join forces to create new gaming peripherals.

Alienware’s AlienFX lightning system with be melded with some of Roccat’s most popular peripherals, including the Kone XTD, Isku FX and Tyon gaming mice.

AlienFX will be paired with the products after a driver software update at the end of November.

“We are extremely proud and honored to begin this rich, collaborative partnership with Alienware. Since 1996, Alienware has been a benchmark for quality, exciting design, and love for the PC Gaming community. Like us, they value high standards in every product they bring to the public, and relentlessly strive to innovate,” said René Korte, Roccat’s CEO and founder.

“Our Roccat family is thrilled to take these first steps in what will without question be a fruitful partnership, combining some of our very best peripherals with Alienware’s AlienFX software.”

Frank Azor, Alienware’s CEO, added: “Alienware and ROCCAT are a natural fit. You look at what Roccat brings to the table in terms of quality, fantastic in-house design strategy, and their forward-thinking team from top to bottom, and you see a studio that fits our PC Gaming philosophy on every level. AlienFX combined with Roccat’s new Tyon gaming mouse, the Isku FX, the Kone XTD? It was a no-brainer, and we believe fans of our brands will agree.”

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