Graphics Amplifier box allows users to power the notebook with a full size graphics card

Alienware 13 gaming laptop launches, can hook up to a PC graphics card

Dell’s gaming brand Alienware has launched the Alienware 13 – a new gaming laptop that can connect to a full-size graphics card to boost performance.

The successor to the Alienware 14 measures 1-inch thick, weighs 4.5lbs, and the £949 ($999) starting model has a 1366×768 screen and a 1TB hard drive, and is powered by Windows 8.1. However, it can be upgraded to a 2560×1440 touchscreen display with several SSDs, with an Intel Core i5 processor.

The real kicker is the additional $299 Graphics Amplifier box though – this lets the user place any recent full-length dual-width PCR-Express x16 desktop PC graphics card in it (max 375W) before hooking it up to the laptop to boost its power and become a 4K machine.

The box also adds four USB 3.0 ports, giving the gamer more options.

Without the Graphics Amplifier, the Alienware 13 has an Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M with 2GB GDDR5.

Alienware says the Graphics Amplifier will ‘likely’ work with all future Alienware notebooks to come.

The estimated delivery date for the Alienware 13 is December 8th when ordered direct from Alienware. 

The first reviews for the device have been published including those from Gizmodo, Laptop Mag and TechRadar.

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