Tech glove could be used for gaming, sign language and controlling smart home devices

‘Exoglove’ lets you feel digital objects

Chinese company Dexta has invented a device that provides force feedback to your hands, letting you touch and feel digital objects.

The Dexmo is described as an ‘exoglove’ and can motion capture your hand movements to let you interact with a digital environment.

Dexta describes itself as a ‘group of hardcore roboticists’ focused on developing high quality but affordable robotics hardware that ‘lowers the boundary of robotics and virtual reality’.

The company is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and has two different models.

The lower-end Dexmo Classic captures 11 degrees of hand motion, while the Dexmo F2 provides force feedback, giving you the sense that you’re actually touching objects.

It seems likely that the device will be aimed at gamers and could be paired with VR headsets like the Oculus, as well as being used by professionals.

"Dexmo can be used for controlling a robotic hand, also providing you with a better sense of presence by simulating a force feedback when an object is hit; or controlling a robotic arm; or something a little be more advanced, like controlling double robotic arms performing a remote bomb disposal task," said Dexta.

Other uses for the Dexmo include controlling smart home devices and even translating sign language.

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