Overclockers staff member builds watercooled system featuring a custom Parvum case

Legend of Zelda themed custom PC built

Overclockers UK’s John-Rhys Dawson has built a custom PC that will no doubt send Legend of Zelda video game fans into a frenzy.

Dawson says the black and gold fully watercooled system cost around £1,200 to put together.

It features an i5 4670K processor at 4.7GHz, an Asus Z87 Gryphon motherboard and armour kit, Avexir Blitz 1.1 16GB 2400mhz memory, two Samsung 120GB Raid 0 SSDs and a 1TB SSHD.

It also sports a Superflower Leadex 750W 80+ Gold PSU, a Gainward Phantom GTX 780 GLH graphics card, AX120 and AX240 radiators from XSPC.

Plus, it features EK Supremacy Gold Clear CSQ and EK FC780 Jetstream/Phantom water blocks, Bitspower fittings and a custom Parvum Systems case, displaying a Zelda-themed symbol found in Nintendo’s popular action/adventure video game series.

You can check out the PC below: 

Other Zelda-themed PCs have been built in the past, of course, including this retro-themed Link style system.

Photo credit: Andy Welsh

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