Recorder combines NFC tags that select a playlist from Spotify

New Raspberry Pi cassette player plays Spotify tunes

Old cassette players were used to tape music, however, this player features a Raspberry Pi, which can play tunes from Spotify via tapes.

British developer and maker Matt Brailsford is responsible for designing the device, which combines a Raspberry Pi – a mini PC – Spotify and NFC tags.

The cassette features a Raspberry Pi, which runs a version of MusicBox that has all the Spotify streaming features built in.

Brailsford has also created a custom module, which reads the NFC tags that are stuck inside the cassettes to select the playlist to play.

When the player is turned on, MusicBox loads up the custom module, which then waits for Spotify to connect and loads a variety of spotify playlists into memory.

When a cassette is also inserted, the custom module reads the tag’s ID and looks for a playlist associated with that ID.

The analogue buttons on the recorder, including volume, play, next and stop, also all work too.

Plus, each cassette is double sided, so users can have Side 1 and 2 playlists for each cassette.

Check out the video for the device here:

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