Sprout PC will be aimed at businesses and ‘prosumers’

HP to unveil 3D-scanning PC next week – report

HP is set to demonstrate a ‘new computing experience’ at an event in New York on October 29th.

Re/code reports that sources familiar with the matter revealed that a 3D-scanning PC called Sprout will be unveiled.

The Sprout combines a large flat-screen display with a flat touch-enabled work surface and a combined projector/3D-scanner.

The idea behind the device is that images can be projected downwards onto the work surface, which users can then manipulate with their hands or a stylus.

According to the sources, users can resize images, move elements around and change colours, as well as add new elements to images by scanning other objects.

Sprout will initially run Windows, but it is thought that future versions could run Google’s ChromeOS.

The Sprout will primarily be sold to businesses and ‘prosumers’ and there is no news on pricing yet.

Earlier this month HP officially split in two, separating its personal computer and printer business from its corporate hardware and other services.

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