Unfortunately it will set you back $10,000

VIDEO: Back to the Future style hoverboard will indeed be available in 2015

Even since Marty McFly used a floating skateboard to flee a gang of bullies when he travelled from 1985 to 2015 in Back to the Future Part II the race has been on to create a real-life hoverboard.

For the last three decades, engineers and movie fans have been intent on making the hoverboard a reality. There have been many attempts over the years and numerous kickstarter projects, but California startup Arx Pax believes it has finally done it with the Hendo.

The Hendo generates a magnetic field, so when there is a sheet of metal underneath it, the board is pushed upwards. This unfortunately means that for the time being it can only hover over a conductive material and only three-quarters of an inch above the ground.

Costing a whopping $10,000, the Hendo won’t be much use when trying to escape a gang of bullies as its battery currently only lasts around 7 minutes.

Arx Pax has launched a Kickstarter campaign based around the technology used to make the Hendo hover, with the aim of creating developer kits so others can design new ways to use the tech.

The husband and wife duo are planning to refine the board over the next year, with it being able to carry more weight, be smaller in size, and run silently.

Check out Gigaom’s video of the Arx Pax Hendo hoverboard in action below:

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