Mike Buley, retail director at Exertis, discusses the future of smart devices

Which devices will provide the biggest opportunities in the next 5 years?

Mike Buley, retail director at Exertis, discusses the expansion of smart home devices and how they can help resellers make more money in the future…

To survive and thrive, UK independent tech channel resellers need to develop recurring revenue streams from connectivity and applications that they can deliver and support.

Independents also have opportunities to supply, support and maintain the devices that will use this connectivity and run the applications. So which devices will provide the biggest opportunities for UK independent tech channel resellers over the next five years?

The biggest device opportunities are centered on ecosystems –TVs, tablets, mobile phones are all at the centre of the home – they present a great opportunity for selling a complete system and the additional attached opportunities.

Adding to this is the proliferation of smart home devices, further increasing the capability of smartphones.

According to analyst Gartner, the average home will have over 500 smart devices by 2022, including security systems and smart TVs which allow users to access apps and browse the web.

These devices will be able to help us control things like our heating, lighting, security and even our dishwashers from wherever we are. This represents a greater need for tech expert’s support. This is where independent retailers can differentiate from the volume of online stores by becoming a trusted advisor and doing it all – supplying, installing and maintaining devices throughout the connected home.

For any independents that need help in any of these areas, Exertis is more than happy to help them – please contact your account manager today.

In addition to this, independent technology channel resellers are presented with a significant opportunity to develop recurring revenue streams by connecting hardware with leasing contracts.

It’s with this in mind we created the Conect portal, which helps resellers regardless of having any previous experience to offer connection mobile airtime, which is hosted by VoIP and BYOD.

The Conect platform enables retailers to simply manage their customers’ connections, prepare quotes, manage billing and balance recurring revenues within their own brand.

It blends hardware, hosted applications and service offerings in an easy drag and drop interface which, with very little training, can be utilised by general sales staff. Management reporting allows partners real-time views of revenues and profitability.

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