Vendor reports 'steady ramp of sales' in both server and desktop DDR4

Crucial: We’re seeing good adoption of DDR4

Memory specialist Crucial has told PCR that sales of its DDR4 DRAM modules are steady, with an increase expected in 2015.

"As with any new technology, we’ve seen interest in the benefits it can bring, apprehension toward pricing and adoption," said Crucial product marketing manager Jeremy Mortenson.

"However, there’s been an overall understanding that ultimately it’s another beneficial step for DRAM technology with the faster speeds and increased capacity, all with lower power and room to improve over the next several years.

"We’ve also seen some good adoption with a steady ramp of sales in both server and desktop DDR4."

Mortenson added that the tech could really take off in terms of sales over the next year.

"The analysts are saying late 2015/early 2016 for a possible crossover," he commented. "We expect additional platforms to be released in 2015 and going forward.

"It really depends on Intel and AMD along with the motherboard and OEMs on how soon modules cross over to DDR4.

"We’re ready."

DDR4 promises faster speeds, more bandwidth and greater efficiency over DDR3.

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