Bose claimed Beats infringed on its patented noise cancellation technology

Apple to stop selling Bose products as it settles Beats patent dispute

Bose has settled a patent dispute with Apple-owned Beats as the iPhone-maker prepares to remove all Bose audio products from its retail stores.

Bose claimed that Beats had infringed on the patented noise cancellation technology featured in its headphones. Beats was accused of infringing on five Bose patents that allegedly resulted in Bose profits falling.

Although the settlement between the two companies has them asking the US Trade Commission to stop the investigations of the original claim, it seems Bose will still miss out on profits as Apple now plans to stop selling its products.

According to MacRumours, a reliable source revealed that Apple is preparing to remove both demo and sellable Bose products from its retail environment, and the inventory change will begin early next week.

Apple acquired Beats earlier this year in a deal worth $3 billion.

While co-founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre joined Apple as part of the deal, in August Apple revealed that it planned to lay off 200 Beats employees.

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