Alleged store will offer customers exchanges and returns

Amazon to open first physical store?

Etailer Amazon is said to be planning to open its first physical store in Manhattan.

Reports suggest that Amazon will open a store ahead of the holiday shopping season.

However, according to The Wall Street Journal, it is not clear whether the store will be permanent or work as a pop-up store for the season.

The store will apparently allow customers to order an item online in the morning and pick it up at the store in the evening. It will also process returns and exchanges.

Amazon has never opened a brick and mortar store; however, the company has opened pick-up lockers in major cities.

Amazon has not confirmed whether it will or will not open the store. 

This news comes as Amazon unveils the Kindle Fire HD 7 tablet. The new device features 8GB or 16GB of storage and a seven-inch display.

It also has front and rear facing cameras and a quad-core processor with up to 1.5 GHz, with prices starting from £119.

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