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Virtual notebook allows teachers to monitor and access their students' work online

Microsoft launches OneNote class notebooks, taking on Google Classroom

Microsoft has launched its own education framework for teachers and students – OneNote class notebooks.

The new platform is set to compete with Google Classroom, a free Apps Education tool that Google unveiled earlier this year.

Microsoft’s service has been designed to make teaching and collecting homework easier, and allows teachers to set up OneNote accounts that are synced online using Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

Students can then use the virtual ‘notebooks’ for their classwork, while teachers can access them at any time to check their progress.

Students will also have access to a resource center, where teachers can upload documents related to lessons and assignments.

The OneNote Class Notebook Creator app is available for free to teachers with Office 365.

This news comes after Microsoft revealed its latest OS, Windows 10, which is set to launch in 2015.

The new operating system promises improvements designed for business, as well as improved ‘enterprise-grade’ security and management capabilities.

Check out the video for Microsoft’s OneNote here:

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