Company promises margins of 25 per cent to computer stores

New Fuze programmable PC targets indies

A new computer set powered by the Raspberry-Pi mini-PC is targeting independent computer retailers.

The Fuze Type II – a programmable PC kit that teaches kids how to code – is also available for resellers to sell to schools.

Now Fuze hopes that indies will stock the device to appeal to both adults who may have used a BBC Micro in the past, or teenagers learning to code at school.

The first Fuze launched last year and was picked up by Maplin, but this new model is powered by the Raspberry Pi B+ and comes with a host of tweaks and extras.

It is produced in the UK, and uses electronics to teach programming. For example, it comes with an analogue light sensor, a heat resistor and LEDs and several coding programs including Fuze Basic. It doesn’t require an internet connection.

Fuze is promising indie retailers margins of around 25 per cent on the product.

There are four SKUs available to stock. The top-of-the-range £229.99 pack includes a Fuze Case, Keyboard, USB Hub & Power supply and Fuze IO Board, Robotic Arm Kit & Project Card, Raspberry Pi Model B, Fuze Electronic Components Kit, 8GB Boot SD Card including Fuze Basic and Printed Programmer’s Reference Guide, Project Cards, Mouse and Fuze Mat, as well as free projects in download PDF format. 

A £179.99 model includes all of the above except for the robotic arm, while the £129.99 SKU includes all of the above except for the robotic arm and Raspberry Pi B+. 

A basic £89.99 SKU includes the Fuze Case, Keyboard, USB Hub, power supply and Fuze IO Board, and downloadable projects in PDF format.

Argos and Toys R Us have agreed to stock the product, as have Maplin. 

The Fuze Type II for the Raspberry Pi B+ can be ordered direct from Fuze or via Condor. It launches at the end of October.

Check out our guide for more information on selling IT to schools.

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