Firm issues apology: "Intel believes men and women should be treated the same"

Intel pulls ads from site following #GamerGate pressure

Intel has pulled its adverts from Gamasutra, a game developer news website.

Intel said that some customers were upset with Gamasutra’s columnist Leigh Alexander’s views on modern-day game culture, and decided to pull the ads.

Alexander is one of the journalists who wrote about the debate over sexism in the games industry, and the call for games media ethics reform, which has been dubbed #GamerGate on Twitter.

However, after the chipmaker pulled its ads, Intel was criticised by some people on Twitter for ‘taking sides’ in the debate.

Intel then issued an apology stating: “We take feedback from customers seriously. For the time being, Intel has decided not to continue with our current ad campaign on the gaming site Gamasutra.

“However, we recognise that our action inadvertently created a perception that we are somehow taking sides in an increasingly bitter debate in the gaming community. That was not our intent, and that is not the case.

“When it comes to our support of equality and women, we want to be very clear: Intel believes men and women should be treated the same.”

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