Vladimir Kuznetsov, owner of system builder DinoPC, says building strong relationships with customers is key

How to make your gaming product stand out in a crowded market

DinoPC’s Vladimir Kuznetsov looks at how important it is to build long lasting relationships with the gaming community.

It is incredible to see what an enormous transformation the PC gaming industry has been through over the last 20 years, the choice in terms of peripherals and brands contesting for gamers’ attention has ballooned unrecognisably.

Almost every technology brand has a range of products dubbed as gaming and geared towards ‘enthusiasts’ – so selling to gamers is clearly a lucrative business.

Because of the vast amount of choice, simply adding the word ‘gaming’ to the product name or adding extra blue LED lights will not make much headway – the product will not stand out in a market that is already crowded.

To give your product the edge over the competition you need to engage with the avid gaming community, then the brand will linger in the gamer’s mind, making the purchasing decision so much easier when there’s a craving for some RPG stimulation.

Purchasing a £100 gaming mouse or a £2,000 gaming PC is seldom a completely rational process, I would argue it is mostly an emotional decision that requires a leap of faith. Ultimately, does one really need to splash out £100 on a mouse?

Gamers are not afraid to splash out, because gaming is not just a hobby, it’s a passion and an addiction, a form of escape that transforms our lives from the mundane to the heroic.

When it comes time to ramp up the gaming cave, enthusiasts are prepared to dig deep and eagerly hand over as much money as it will take, just like a shopaholic that must have the latest designer footwear or an executive that must have the latest German vehicle.

Building a relationship with the gaming community is key, thus creating an emotional attachment, which will evoke a positive feeling whenever your company is mentioned.

In the absence of a truly innovative groundbreaking offering, when there’s an array of similar products touted as gaming, that emotional attachment might just sway the gamer your way during the decision making process.

Don’t look at the gamer as just another customer who buys technology purely on price and on spec.

Instead, be more creative and find new ways to be more engaging and exciting.

Build long lasting relationships with the gaming community by directly involving active and passionate gamers in any of your marketing activities.

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