Swimming pools and careers are set to arrive by the end of the year

New Sims 4 updates feature ghosts and Star Wars costumes

In a series of free updates to The Sims 4 hitting today, EA will be adding ghosts and a batch of Star Wars themed costumes.

When a sim dies, non-player character ghosts become attached to tombstones or urns – players can then befriend the ghosts, turning them into playable sim characters.

How the ghost died can also determine some of their personality and abilities, plus, once they become playable, ghosts can get jobs and marry.

As well as this, maintaining a happy ghost will come with added benefits, as they will help around the house while your living sim focuses on their own goals.

Other features within the update include gnomes and a range of eye-color options for characters.

Swimming pools, a feature that was scrapped from its orginal release which sparked outrage among fans, are also due to hit this November, while careers are set to arrive the following month.

This news comes after the release of The Sims 4 in the UK this month, with EA revealing that it was the ‘most sophisticated digital campaign ever’.

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