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Monitor can adjust colour and contrast as game scene change

Samsung unveils 27-inch curved PC monitor

Following on from its curved TVs and smartphones, Samsung has decided it’s time PC monitors got the same treatment.

The 27-inch SD590C LED monitor has a 1920×1080 resolution and a 4000R curvature, which the firm says will give it a wider field of view than a flat 27-inch display.

Other specs include 5-Watt 2-channel dual stereo speakers, HDMI, DisplayPort and D-sub.

There is also a Game Mode, which enables the monitor to adjust colour and contrast as scenes change. A Game Boost audio enhancing option is also available for gamers.

The Samsung SD590C curved PC monitor is available in the US from October 1st and has a price tag of $429.99. There is currently no news on is release in other countries.

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