Apple invited journalists to witness a series of tests for the device, after complaints that it bends

VIDEO: Apple releases bend tests for iPhone 6 Plus

In light of the recent complaints regarding the iPhone 6 Plus bending, Apple has shown off its own bend tests.

In a video, journalists were invited to observe five tests in which the new iPhones were subject to, at Apple’s testing labs in Cupertino, California.

This includes one that places pressure on the center of the phone in varying degrees, using weights reaching 25 kilos.

A further test twists the device about 8,000 times while a machine is clamping both ends.

Apple also stated that they tested the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in real-life situations, including placing the phone in back pockets of tight jeans.

In the video Apple claimed many more tests are carried out on the phones, however, these are the ones ‘relevant to the “bending” issues’.

This news comes after ‘#BendGate’ started trending on Twitter as more customers began to complain about their iPhone 6 Plus bending.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple has only received nine complaints regarding their ‘bendy’ iPhone. 

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