Range starts at £999.99; System builder also produces budget £199.99 home desktop PC

YoYoTech unveils Intel X99-powered BlackBox systems

System builder YoYoTech has unveiled a new line of BlackBox desktops based on Intel’s new high-performance X99 chipset.

The BlackBox systems are based on Intel’s new six and eight-core i7 processors on the X99 chipset, with ‘turbo-boost and precision overclocking’ built-in as standard.

There is support for DDR4 memory in a Quad Channel configuration, as well as the fastest M.2 PCI-Express SSD technology with a theoretical limit of 20Gbit/sec throughput, which YoYoTech says is fast enough to move a whole DVD of data in two seconds.

The line – which starts from £999 – can be custom configured with components added or changed as the customer sees fit.

YoYoTech MD CK Kohli said: “We have been closely involved with Intel since the launch of the very first Core i7 processor, back in November 2008, and I can tell you that the performance of our BlackBox systems is nothing short of stunning.

“We have moved from a time when having an SSD at all was unusual, to a situation where customers can buy a BlackBox configuration off the shelf with more than 2GB of pure memory.

“Even our entry-level BlackBox at £999 has 2133MHz DDR4 memory with the kind of bandwidth that only a top-of-the-range machine costing thousands would have provided.

“Our prices start from £999 – so whether you’re a hardcore gamer keen to get the best from your next-gen graphics card or are in the professional photo and video editing sector, the YoYoTech BlackBox range is guaranteed to inspire desire.”

YoYoTech also recently pushed a budget £199.99 home office desktop PC.

PCR recently spent a day at YoYoTech to give a behind-the-scenes look at the system builder

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