"Certain brands have killed the reseller market by flooding Amazon and the like, but we can protect those margins"

Netis appoints Target exclusive UK distributor

Networking vendor Netis has appointed Target Components as its exclusive UK distributor, and Target says it will ‘protect margins’ in this sector after certain brands ‘killed the reseller market’.

The firm launched as part of the Netcore Group in 2000 and now operates in the US, Asia and mainland Europe.

The manufacturer enters the mid-range networking market in the UK with routers, switches and adapters, all with a two-year warranty as standard.

Netis also addresses the business market with rack-mounted switches and EPON and GPON technologies that allow point-to-point connectivity across large distances – up to 1.25Gbps over 21km.

In addition, Netis has introduced an online emulator showing the setup process using the custom wizard, which allows users to configure and set up their own routers.

“We’ve been working with Netis for the last two years in tailoring their offering to the UK market,” said Target’s head of purchasing Simon Hogg.

“We’ve been extremely impressed with the quality of product and retail packaging – each product in the range is extremely well-constructed, easily comparable with leading brands. It’s certainly an exciting introduction to the UK”.

“We know there’s a huge growing demand for mid-range networking products, but certain brands have killed the reseller market themselves by flooding Amazon and the like directly, cutting out the reseller altogether. However, as exclusive distributor, we can protect those margins and ensure they’re not cannibalised by direct sales, the High Street chains or the internet giants.”

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