37% of UK smartphone users have damaged their smartphone in the last two years

Average Brit spends £78 on mobile device repairs

The average Brit has spent £78 on repair costs for their smartphone or mobile device over the past two years.

The overall cost of mobile phone repairs have set back UK consumers £4.6 billion during that period

A study carried out by SquareTrade also showed that 38 per cent of British smartphone users have damaged their smartphone in the last two years.

However, despite this, mobile phone owners are still not using a protective case, with 56 per cent admitting they are too style conscious to have one.

Owners who have damaged their phone are also reluctant to take it in for a repair due to costs, with 76 per cent saying they wait more than a week before getting a repair.

Kevin Gillan, European MD for SquareTrade, said: “These figures make the term ‘hand held’ look like a bit of an exaggeration.

“They suggest that for many of us, holding on to our mobile phone is as straightforward as holding on to a slippery eel.”

Apple revealed the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus during September, and SquareTrade put it under the spotlight in its regular Breakability Index that replicates common scenarios in which owners damage phones.

The results showed that the iPhone 6 didn’t do well when it was dropped four feet, compared to other phones in the category, as ‘the glass screen survived, but the case separated from the phone’.

However, the test demonstrated that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus fare well in water resistance and slide tests.

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