Australian man drops one of the first iPhone 6s on live TV

iPhone 6 available from today, first teardowns reveal huge battery

Apples latest smartphones, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, are available to consumers as of today.

Just hours after the launch of the devices, repair firms and blogs have already performed teardowns.

iFixit performed a detailed teardown of each device, revealing them to both have significantly bigger batteries than on previous models.

The team noted that the battery for the 6 Plus is 2915mAh in size, in line with previously leaked battery prototypes.

The iPhone 6 features an 1810mAh battery, a fair bit smaller than the iPhone 6 Plus, but still a noticeable bump up from the iPhone 5C’s 1560mAh one.

You can view iFixit’s full teardown of the iPhone 6 here and the iPhone 6 Plus here.

As Apple fans queued up for the new devices, one man in Australia, who was one of the world’s first to own an iPhone 6, embarrassed himself on live TV.

As a crowd of people gathered round to watch the man unbox his iPhone 6 to show a news reporter it spilled out and landed on the concrete floor.

The crowd groaned, the man quickly bent down to pick it up insisting it had no cracks, and the reporter thought it was hilarious. Check out the video below:

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