Printed memory could help shopkeepers store and regulate their data easily

Computer memory can be 3D printed on paper

Researchers have printed computer memory on to pieces of paper using a 3D printer.

The team in Taiwan has developed the concept in the hope to help shopkeepers store their data easily.

To create the new memory the paper has to first be coated in layers of carbon. Using titanium dioxide to work as the ‘ink’, the team used a traditional ink-jet printer that had been modified to print dots, which would act as the electrodes.

After the research was complete, it was found that one piece of 8.5×11-inch piece of paper would house up to 1MB on memory.

Justin Briere of Data Memory Systems, said: “This new research is just another example of the incredible work that’s going on in the field of computer memory as we search for a cheaper, faster, more viable solution to store the masses of data we now generate.

“Though at Data Memory Systems we won’t be selling paper memory for some time yet, we can guarantee that we’re always on top of the latest developments in the world RAM and flash memory, and we always offer our clients the leading products at the lowest prices.”

Image source: Shutterstock

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