Free puzzle and trivia apps are the most popular games played

More women play video games than men in the UK

A new study has found that women accounted for 52 per cent of people who’ve played some form of video game in the last six months in the UK.

The Internet Advertising Bureau UK has found that seven in ten Britons have played a video game in the last six months, with apps being the most popular format.

While consoles accounted for the most time, free puzzle and trivia apps were the most popular games played.

The study also reveals there are now more people over 44 years old playing games (27 per cent of the gamer population) than children and teenagers (22 per cent).

The ESA has also released a report detailing how US parents view video games.

Of those surveyed, 88 per cent of parents said they play video games because they’re fun for the whole family and three quarters of adults said they see gaming as a great opportunity to socialise with their child.

68 per cent of families also believe that game play provides mental stimulation and education for their children.

It seems the idea of gaming being a boys club is finally starting to die out. This runs parallel with the assumption that the IT and tech industry in general isn’t an appealing career path for women.

To celebrate the influential women in the UK tech industry, PCR is launching its very first awards dedicated solely to these women.

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