Modder creates portable gaming laptop based on Xbox One with wide 22-inch screen

‘Xbook One’ laptop launches for $1,500

Those who want the Xbox One in portable gaming console form can now have it so thanks to console modder Ed Zarick.

Available for a pricy $1,495, the Xbook One laptop comprises a 22-inch Vizio 1080p LED monitor, a front slot loading disc drive and 3D printed customised colour components.

Of course it’s not an official release by Microsoft, but shows the potential for Microsoft’s gaming machine.

The new model is an update from the Xbook 360’s 19-inch 720p LCD monitor, which Zarick designed two years ago.

Users can choose between an Xbook one with Kinect and 500GB for $1,495 or an Xbook One without Kinect and 500GB for $1,395. However, if customers provide an Xbox One the device will be available for £1,095.

Zarick said in a video showcasing his Xbook: “It’s still portable enough that you can take it anywhere you want, and play Xbox and not have to worry about having a television…it’s all in one.”

Each unit will take about three weeks to complete and can be customised with different colours. 

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