Advert shows various tweets and reviews mocking Apple

VIDEO: Samsung calls Apple a copycat in new Galaxy Note 4 ad

Samsung has released a new advert for its upcoming Galaxy Note 4 device, in which it calls Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus an imitation of its phablet range.

The advert centres around a Galaxy Note 4 screen displaying various tweets and reviews mocking Apple, including comments such as ‘Apple realises Samsung was right, releases the new 5.5-inch iPhone 6 plus’ and ‘the truth hurts, Apple fans: You can thank Samsung for your big new iPhone displays’.

The adverts comes just days after Apple unveiled the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. Samsung also released a series of six mini adverts just 24 hours after Apple’s announcement mocking the smartphones, the Apple Watch and the running of the event itself.

Unsurprisingly this is not the first time Apple has been the butt of the joke in a Samsung advert. And while Apple doesn’t usually take the bait, last year it did release an advert that seemed to mock Samsung for its huge displays.

With the launch of the iPhone 5, Apple got actor Jeff Daniels to voice over a series of mini adverts for the device. One of them, entitled ‘Thumb’, described how the iPhone’s screen size is perfect for use with one hand and how difficult larger screens were.

So it seems Samsung is now finally able to get its own back after the launch of the larger iPhones.

You can check out Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 advert below:

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