"It may go the iPad route or Apple may have a separate supply chain in mind"

Suppliers unsure of Apple Watch UK distribution plans

Tech suppliers are not sure what Apple’s plans are regarding the UK distribution for its upcoming Apple Watch smart wearable.

While the iPad is currently distributed by several suppliers such as Westcoast, Ingram Micro and Tech Data, when questioned by PCR about their plans for the new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, some said it is too early to guess Apple’s supply chain strategy over the Apple Watch.

Stewart Hayward, Marketing Services Director for Tech Data, told PCR: "The iPhone doesn’t go through distribution at all in the UK currently (it does in some of our other subsidiaries), and we’re not sure about the watch. As it’s a new product line entirely it may go the iPod/iPad route, in which case we’ll have it, or they may have a separate supply chain entirely in mind – too early to tell for that one."

When asked, "I presume Westcoast will be distributing the Apple Watch?", Alex Tatham, MD of Westcoast, said: "You can’t presume with Apple. I can’t comment on Apple sadly – speculation is not allowed!"

Ingram Micro confirmed it will not be distributing the iPhone 6 or Apple Watch.

"Even though we distribute most Apple products we don’t distribute iPhones at all so won’t be doing the new iPhone or the smartwatch," Ingram UK’s senior marketing specialist Victoria New told PCR.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will launch in the UK on September 19th, while the Apple Watch will arrive in early 2015 with prices starting at $349. 

Apple did not reply to PCR’s requests for comment.

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