99p charge will be increased to £8.50 per month after first six months

99p Stores offers bargain broadband

Bargain High Street chain 99p Stores has teamed up with Home Telecom to provide customers with home broadband for 99p a week.

At £4.29 per month, customers will be able to access unlimited downloads, with speeds of up to 24MB, with no setup or connection fees.

However, after the first six months, the broadband price will be increased to £8.50 per month.

As well as this, local calls are also included which will cost 2.5p while calls to mobiles will be charged at 10p.

Tony Brown, chief operating officer at 99p Stores, said: “The single price point market has become mainstream and therefore we are developing concepts and services that connect with the mainstream customer.

“Now, with our partnership with Home Telecom we can broaden our offer. We will keep innovating from a product point of view to meet expectations of our customers.”

The bargain retailer is the first to provide its customers with a 99p broadband service. 

 “We are the only single price point retailer to bring the bakery and coffee to our stores, and combined with our new broadband at 99p stores we literally have everything under one roof,” Brown added

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