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#AppleLive iPhone 6 and Apple Watch reveal – live updates

Refresh this page for the latest news from Apple’s press conference as we report on the expected iPhone 6 and iWatch reveal.

The event is now over – see below for our coverage as it happened:

The reveal is underway – a video is playing beginning with the words "Here’s to those who see things differently".

Apple CEO Tim Cook has taken to the stage to reveal two new iPhones – the iPhone 6 (4.7-inches) and the 6 Plus (5.5-inches).

The iPhone 6 is 6.9mm thin while the 6 Plus is 7.1mm thin. Both phones are powered by Apple’s A8 chip, which has up to 25 per cent faster processing power and up to 50 per cent faster graphics.

Apple says that processor performance is 50 times faster than the original iPhone, and graphics are 84 times faster.

The App Store now has over 1.3m applications, says Apple’s senior marketing VP Phil Schiller.

The iPhone 6 Plus will apparently play games in higher resolution than next generation consoles.

It also has a new health app featuring a barometer that senses air pressure to measure elevation and how many steps the user takes. Plus, the M8 coprocessor measures motion data from the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass.

The new iPhone also features 802.11ac for three-times faster WiFi.

It also has a new landscape mode for the home screen. 

In terms of the camera, the iPhone 6 has an 8MP iSight camera, with 1.5µ pixels, ƒ/2.2 aperture and a new sensor. It can capture slo-mo video at 120 fps or 240 fps, or normal 1080p video at 30fps or 60fps.

As the Apple live stream continues to fail, ‘Access Denied’ becomes one of the top ten global trending topics on Twitter.

Users can begin downloading iOS 8 from Wednesday, September 17th.

Both new iPhones will launch in the UK on September 19th, and are available to pre-order from this Friday (September 12th).

Tim Cook: "Now I’d like to talk about an entirely new category of service – and it’s all about the wallet. Our vision is to replace this.

"ApplePay will forever change the way all of us buy things. It’s another reason why the iPhone 6 is the biggest advancement in the history of iPhone."

The new iPhones will feature ApplePay – a secure and private contactless digital payment service, claims the firm. It uses NFC and TouchID, Secure Element and PassBook.

Apple Pay will be available in the US in October 2014. Apple says work is underway to take it worldwide in the near future.

Cook adds: "We love to make great products the enrich people’s lives and make technology that is more personal. We believe this product will redefine what people expect from this category.

"We’ve been working on this a long time."

The Apple Watch is officially revealed, as worn by Tim Cook.

It has a customisable timepiece and is available in a variety of styles.

The Apple Watch can measure your pulse using infrared and light sensors, allowing users to ‘share their heartbeat’ with one another. 

It has a flexible Retina display and interchangeable watch straps including rubber, leather and stainless steel types.

A smaller watch is available for users with smaller wrists.

Kevin Lynch, Apple VP, takes to the stage to give a live demo of the Apple Watch.

You can control music on your iPhone or computer using the iWatch.

A Taptic engine allows the user to raise the watch to respond to notifications. QuickWord allows the user to reply smartly and quickly to questions with auto-reply style answers.

Siri is also built into the Apple Watch so users can ask the watch questions.

As expected, the Apple Watch features a range of apps including Maps and Photos. You can even sketch on the screen using your finger and send drawings to friends.

Apple Watch also motivates people to be more active, says Tim Cook, as he shows off the Workout and Activity apps.

The Apple Watch will be available in three forms – the standard Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition. They will work with iPhone 6 and iPhone 5.

The devices use inductive magnetic charging to "make it easier to charge at night". It starts at $349 and will be available in early 2015.

Contactless ApplePay will work with Apple Watch, so you can pay for things by placing your Apple Watch over a reader.

Tim Cook now talking about how important music is to Apple and iTunes. 

U2 perform to the crowd at the AppleLive event, as previously rumoured.

Every iTunes customer will get the new U2 album ‘Songs of Innocence’ for free. It is exclusive until October 13th.

That concludes the event.

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