Briganita's Iain Shaw describes a typical day in the office and what he loves about his job

A day in the life of: Iain Shaw, Divisional Director, Brigantia

Briganita’s Iain Shaw describes a typical day in the office and what he loves about his job… 

How my day starts depends on whether I am at our Canary Wharf or Ripon offices. The London office is in the heart of the bustling Canary Wharf financial district, and the Ripon office could not be in a more rural part of North Yorkshire. No matter which office I am in though, my day starts with a cup of coffee and either face-to-face or telephone conference call meetings with my key team members.

We always talk about the previous day’s achievements and set goals for the day ahead. Most mornings I spend a lot of time either with or talking to my marketing team, going over existing campaigns or planning new ones. Recent changes at Brigantia have seen us develop wholesale programs for our members that have enabled us to really aggregate the combined purchasing power of our club membership.

As a result we are driving a true Internet of Things message that revolves around a joined up wholesale offering, covering connectivity and devices. I like to get out of the office for an hour at lunchtime as I find a change of scenery is good for clearing the brain, ahead of the afternoon’s activities.

A typical afternoon could involve talking to the Brigantia telephone account management team, as well as talking with members and alliance partners directly. What I love about my job is that it is so varied, and I probably get the most satisfaction from resolving a member’s problem with an alliance partner.

My working day is a long one, so when the day is over I like to relax. When I am away from home in London I tend to have a cold pint on the way back to the flat, and if I’m in Yorkshire, I like nothing better than to take my two Labradors out for an evening walk.

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