EA has been running a Sims soap opera story on Twitter

Sims 4 ‘industry first’ launch campaign detailed by EA

As The Sims 4 launches in the UK today, EA reveals what it calls its ‘most sophisticated digital campaign ever’.

PCR sister title MCV spoke to EA’s senior product manager, Jaqui Ashworth, about the new title in its August 29th issue, which you can view online here.

“Our sharing tools and gallery, which are hugely important to our target demographic, are exceptional and allow more content to be shared and celebrated,” said Ahsworth.

EA has taken advantage of Sims fan’s love of social media by running campaigns across online and Twitter.

The publisher has been running a Sims soap opera story over Twitter, with four Sims blogging about their experiences. EA says this is an industry first.

EA has also upped its YouTube content, uploading videos to both its official YouTube account and The Sims 4 one. These include broader trailers, videos focusing on individual aspects of the game and the ‘Weirder Stories’ series of films showing off what characters can get up to in The Sims.

The campaign is extended to print and in-store, with ads for the game appearing across the lifestyle media and video game publications, as well as the in-store ‘Create a Sim’ demo, which allows customers to play around with the game before they purchase it.

The Sims 4 is out now on PC in the UK.

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