Apple will send out email and push notification alerts when an attempt is made to restore iCloud data to another device

Security Roundup: Apple to increase iCloud security after nude celeb photo leak

This week we take a look at Apple’s plans to increase its iCloud security, smartphone cameras being hacked, and a new vulnerability in WordPress.

In response to the news that hundreds of nude photos apparently stolen of celebrities’ iCloud accounts were leaked online, Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed that the company will be introducing some new security measures.

Apple will add an extra layer of protection by sending out email and push notification alerts when an attempt is made to restore iCloud data to another device.

Meanwhile, Kaspersky has found that two-thirds of mobile phone users are unaware that they could be spied on through a device’s camera while having sex.

Kaspersky Lab’s Senior Security Researcher David Emm said: “We think of our mobile devices as our window on the world, not realising that for cybercriminals it could be their window into ours.

“Hacking into a device’s camera offers those with malicious intent access to our images, our most intimate moments, our identities – and the people we want most to protect, such as our children.”

The study found that an overwhelming 83 per cent never turn their mobile phone off, unless the battery dies.

Kaspersky’s ThreatPost news service has also found that: "A smattering of bugs, mostly cross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities, have been plaguing at least eight different WordPress plugins as of late."

High-Tech Bridge, operator of the ImmuniWeb online web scanning service, has also discovered an SQLi flaw in another WordPress plugin.

This flaw is in the current version of a security plug-in: All In One WP Security – which has had more than 400,000 downloads.

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