Kits include the main controller, monitor devices and lighting controllers

IFA 2014: Hauppauge reveals smart home control system

Vendor Hauppauge will reveal its new ‘mySmarthome’ home monitoring and control kits at the IFA 2014 tech trade show in Berlin this week.

These kits allow users to create an electronic cloud-based monitor and control system for their home or apartment. They include the main controller (or ‘hub’), monitor devices and lighting controllers using Z-Wave technology to make it easy to implement a home monitoring and light control system. 

The system allows the user to send alerts to their smartphone via email or text messages.

The mySmarthome kits come with a cloud based service which allows the user to send alerts to their smartphone via e-mail or text messages, for example whenever a door has been opened.

To install the Hauppauge mySmarthome, a user would connect the Hauppauge mySmarthome main controller (hub) to their home internet router. Using a PC or Mac, they would register the mySmarthome main controller with Hauppauge’s cloud system. Then, they would connect the included plugs and sensors around the home, download the free app for iOS or Android and start controlling and monitoring devices, temperature and motion.

The Hauppauge mySmarthome main controller comes pre-configured for up to five Z-Wave devices, but can be expanded to up to 100 devices from the hundreds of available Z-Wave devices on the market today. Future upgrades will support other standards such as Zigbee.

The Hauppauge mySmarthome Control Starter Kit comes with the main controller for Z-Wave devices plus two ‘smart’ home plugs and a 4-in-1 sensor, while the Hauppauge mySmarthome Security Starter Kit comes with the main controller for Z-Wave devices plus a security camera, a smoke detector, a flood detector and a 4-in-1 sensor. Both packages come with free iOS and Android apps.

“The idea behind mySmarthome came when I tried to automate my own home. I found currently available products frustrating to install and impossible to set up. Hauppauge mySmarthome was designed to be easy to install but reliable, with alerts designed to be sent via text or email, mySmarthome was designed for my home,” said Ken Plotkin, president of Hauppauge Computer Works.

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