Users may receive fake emails and text messages asking to verify their Apple ID

Apple iCloud scams target users following nude celebrity photo hack

Symantec is warning of a wave of scams following the news that nude photos of over a hundred celebrities have been leaked in an iCloud hack.

Various reports suggest that nude photographs of celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton were stolen from Apple’s iCloud Photo Stream service and posted to 4Chan.

There’s no doubt that this news has caused many Apple users to worry about how private their data really is.

There have been numerous Apple scams for a while, but Symantec suggests that consumers may be more willing to fall for them as they look to protect themselves.

“Whether or not iCloud was the point of compromise in this incident, scammers have been interested in stealing these credentials for some time,” said Symantec’s Satnam Narang.

“We previously wrote about email scams claiming to be from Apple support asking users to update or verify their Apple IDs (Apple IDs are used for setting up an iCloud account). These emails contain links to phishing websites that will capture your Apple ID credentials and send them back to the attackers.”

As well as emails, some users may receive text messages claiming to be from Apple Protection asking for the recipient to sign-in to iCloud.

“Because of the continued narrative surrounding iCloud as the point of compromise, we expect to see more successful phishing attempts of Apple IDs,” added Narang.

Another way for scammers to steal info is by tempting those who are looking for the nude photos to click malicious links. has also created this handy infographic explaining how internet users can successfully delete profiles and personal information on social media, search engines and more:

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